School2000 is a British High-Technology company providing individual learning to each/every student in each registered school. Teaching in class-group, or in video-groups is not effective as it is not possible to pay individual attention to each student in a group. E-Lesson pays individual attention to every student, as explained below. E-Education could work even with mains and Internet is not available or is not reliable. It is particularly suited to work in rural/remote schools, where there are frequent power-cuts


E-Education contains 3 modules, consisting of E-Lesson, E-Tuition and E-School. It is primarily rendered in English with options to use one or more regional languages. E-Education is designed to work on Internet PC and Smartphones, although teaching to Students in Subject-Group is best in Smartphones

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Custom Design

School2000 offers to design, implement and maintenance custom-designed browser-based web-application using Visual-Studio, C#, Bootstrap and jQuery. Source-code with support/maintenance is offered to those who require it. Our web-applications work well with small and medium establishments, using a Microcomputer, where mains and electricity is not available or is unreliable.

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Teaching Web-Design

Teaching web-application to those not familiar with the basics of computers, users and particularly to Junior and High-schools Students is difficult. Many waste a lot of time and money with books and video-tutorials. The basics must first be taught along with the jargon and abbreviations. Web-Design teaches how to design web-applications from scratch, in small steps, and offers repair facilities, if required