Greetings, Welcome to School2000 our latest Schools management system
School2000 is the company, School2016 is the name of the software version, to become School2020 in Sept 2019



School2010 works efficiently on Internet PC with XP to manage 500 to 10,000 students. There is no need for expensive server hardware, software operating system and maintenance.

  • School2010 is a fully integrated system running a single application, with 22 modules and one database.
  • As a result, it is fast and much more reliable. It can also be easily installed/reinstalled in an hour, by anyone.
  • School2010 can work with other/existing system, if ODBC access and/or import/export facility is available.
  • School2010 is maintained/upgraded over the Internet, reducing cost, time, delays, hassles related to travel.
  • It works 24 hours/day and 7 days/week, without breaks or holidays.
  • It brings parents into the equation. Parents are kept in the picture 24/7 over Internet, Telephones, E-mail and Text.
  • Timely information avoids disappointment. Patent satisfaction increases. No unexpected/disappointing results.
  • School2010 software is affordable and offered free to schools when parents pay a small subscription. Where schools use more than 10 modules, School2000/UK provides a School2010 PC/Server on loan as long as parents subscribe without breaks, and after we receive the first subscription. We provide normal maintainence and support as long as parents subscribe.
  • School2010 is supplied FREE to schools with support, maintenance and upgrade when parent subscribe.
  • School2010 can be installed and reinstalled by anyone. Only familiarity with Office, Intenet and Chat are required.

School2010 Technology

School2010 is suitable for schools with 500 to 10,000 students. We are not aware of any other Schools Management System with similar capabilities that costs less. School2010 delivers the latest MMML (Multimode Multilngual) technology in an easy-to-use risk-free fashion, which reduces the overall cost. It is intuitive and easy to learn. Those familiar with windows can pick-up and use School2010, in less than 5 minutes. This can be easily verified in a demo of the Attendance modules where we show Attendance being updated in less than 3 to 5 seconds per class. This works out to less than 5 minutes for 60 classes. Please suggest a few suitable dates for the demo. There is no cost or commitment for the demo. No risks either. Just be on-line at that time/date on an Internet PC.

School2010 runs more efficiently and much faster than other Schools Management System as it is a much better design with higher level of integration. As a result, School2010 runs well even on Notebooks with Windows XP. Besides the much lower cost compared to expensive server hardware and software, XP is a well-settled operating system. Anyone can install in less than an hour. There is no need for IT experts. We can demonstrate this at time. We will help you install the Demo on one of your PC/XP in less than 20 minutes.

Many schools use School2010 in a single PC, and train one of their office staff to encode (enter) Attendance, Homework, Grades, Fees ect. It takes only about an hour to enter the details/transactions in a school of about 1,000 students. School2010 with 2GB Memory also supports up to 30 networked PCs which may be in Staff-rooms, Class-rooms and IT-rooms. When larger number of networked PCs and modules are required, the same server is used with larger memory.

Modules offered with School2010

School2010 presently offers 16 modules/programs and 5 hardware options to choose from. Schools are unlikely to require more. However if any school can identify a module/program that is popularly required by other schools, School2000/UK will design/provide that module free to the contributing school, as long as they use School2010. The minimum number of modules/programs is 3 (Attendance, Homework and Parent-Communication). Thereafter each school can select/decide other modules they require. Please Email for the latest list of the modules/programs that are offered by School2010. To our knowledge we do not know of any other Schools Management system that offers as many programs/module.

The first module is Attendance followed by parent-communication. The 3rd module is Homework. Thereafter schools may choose modules they require from the list of modules. Ne/additional modules are installed only after all previous modules settle down for 1 to 2 weeks. In this time the data and reports for the new module are discussed and agreed upon.

Inteface to 3rd party modules

Using different modules from different manufacturers/suppliers is not recommended, as each will probably use its own separate database. Things are better, faster and more reliable when all modules/pograms use/share the same database. When an interated database is not possible School2010 can interfaced to existing/other modules if ODBC access and/or import/export facilities are available. Some problems remain. All the suppliers may have to involved to fix prolems related to interface. This often causes delays and disputes, as one usually points to the order. Some suppliers may also be competitors and may not always get along. School2000 understands this and offers to provide all the modules that schools need within School2010.

Salient features



Network Access

School2010 allows PCs and Laptops to be networked to the School2010 Server. The network may be wired or wireless and must be installed/maintained by the school. Computers with Local Area Networked may be in Class-rooms, Staff-rooms and/or in IT-rooms. School2010 allows Internet access for those who are not on the Local Area Networked, mostly used by parents.
  2.5" x 4"

Cell (Mobile) Phones

Cell (Mobile) Phones are an option and is used where portability is required. Cell Phones can be used by teachers to enter Attendance, Grades etc. Cell Phones work without any network or Internet access. Cell (Mobile) Phones work anywhere where Mobile signals are present. They can therefore be used in playgrounds, during field trips and in class-rooms where Network access is not provided. Mobile communication, is progressively getting more affordable and we expect a further shift towards this technology in coming years. The only disadvantage is there are additional costs associates with Cell Phone usage.


3" x 4"

Pocket PCs, PDAs and Tablets

Pocket PCs, PDAs and Tablets are also an option where portability is required. Some of these devices use wireless Intranet network. Some use Mobile Internet. These devices work in a way similar to networked computers. They display data from the database at the School2010 PC/Server and also allows Attendance, Homework, Grades to be entered/updated.


School2010 Servers

  • School2010 does not need expensive servers. It only requires an Internet enabled PC with the following minimum capabilities for a server
      • Pentium IV (or similar) processor
      • 1, 2 and 4 GB RAM for up to 1000, 3000 and 10,000 students.
      • At least 5GB Free disc space
      • Windows XP with Service Pack II and III
  • School2010 Server can be used as a single-PC. Attendance, Homework and other details ar entered by an encoder,
  • The same PC can be used in a Client-Server implementation when networked terminals are installed in class-rooms, staff-rooms and IT-rooms


  • Where there are many networked computers in a school, teachers may enter Attendance themselves. This is most accurate and reliable as there are no data-entry errors. Usually networked computers may be in class-rooms, staff-rooms and IT-rooms. Teachers may also wireless networked laptops in the school. This is not difficult as it takes only 3 to 5 seconds to enter Attendance for one class. Teachers can learn this in about 5 minutes. We can demonstrate this in our Demo. Teachers have to enter Attendance anyway.
  • Many schools use just one computer (School2010 server) where Attendance is entered by a staff member (encoder). A runner (one of the boys in each class) takes the Attendance-registers to the office.
  • School2000, UK offer to provide an encoder at our cost. Parents may an amount equal to the monthly subscription of one module.
  • Attendance may be marked automatically when Finger-print readers, Bar-code readers and RFID readers are used. These are hardware options and are discussed elsewhere in this website.

Grades, Homework and Assessment

Entering/encoding Grades, Homework and Homework is just as simple to learn/use as Attendance. Existing grades used in the school can be used without any modification. Homework and Assessment are just as simple. Parent's communication module of School2010 alerts up to 4 parents, guardians and grandparents when their children are Late/Absent and when Grades/Homework is published. These modules along with Attendance and Parent-communication are perhaps the most popular modules.


Parent Communications

Commercially this is the most significant program/module. In the UK, parent communication was considering important enough to make it a legal requirment since Jan 2010
. Why? Parent-communication is also a very important part of School2010. School2010 goes a few steps further. It allows up to 4 parents, guardians and grandparents (hereafter collectively called Parents) to access heir children's records over the Internet, Email, Text and optionally by Telephones. Not all parents are comfortable with English. In School2010 parents can communicate in English as well as in Local/Foreign language. Parent communication is 24/7, without breaks or holidays. Without these features, parents will have to call/meet teachers to obtain any information, which disturbs them. Also call/meet teachers can meet teachers only during school days in schools hours.

Parent satisfaction increases with better parent-communication. The investment parents make towards their children's education, fees is protected. Parents can monitor their childrens' progress and resolve any problems, if required. Perhaps tuition can be arranged (before it is too late) if their children are not doing well in any subject. There are no unexpected and disappointing results.



Internet Access

Teachers, Students and up to 4 Parents, Guardians and Grandparents can access detals relating to Attendance, Grades, Homework, Behaviour notes on the Internet. Each user must enter their unique user-code and pin-code to gain access. These codes will be issued and managed by the school. Most parents have access to Internet nowadays. Even if they do not have Internet access at home, they can always access School2010 from thei office, friends or Internet cafe. The language of communication can be in English and any of up to 30 Local/Foreign languages.



Teachers, Students and up to 4 Parents, Guardians and Grandparents can access their children's Attendance, Grades, Homework and Behaviour notes over Telephones, as voice messages. Each user must dial their unique user-code and pin-code to gain access. User can communicate in English and most Local/Foreign languages. The telephone service is particularly useful to grandparents and those who may not like/have/like PCs and Internet access. Even those living abroad could consider using Telephones services as they become progressively more affordable with the increased availability of Voice-Over-IP and Telephone cards.


Text Alerts

School2010 automatically sends Text messages to Parents, Guardians and Grandparents. Each Text messages can display up to 140 characters. They inform parents when their children are Late/Absent, when Homework/Fee is Published/Due/Late and so on.
Schools must contract local Text Service providers to deliver Text messages, composed by School2010. Messages to the Text Service providers are usually delivered over the Internet. Organisations such as SmartBro or Globe in Philippines, SMSCountry in India and Clickatel in Europe offer these services.


E-mail Alerts

School2010 also automatically sends E-mail alerts to Teachers, Parents and Students. Parents are alerted when their children are Late/Absent, when Homework/Fee is Published/Due/Late and so on. Schools must contract local Text Service from Local Text Service providers to deliver Text messages, composed by School2010. E-mail alerts are directly sent by School2010. There is no cost for this service.


Modules introduced in the last 3 years

School2010 is constantly being improved and new modules/features are progressively adding, whilst increasing the level of integration.


Bar code identification

Students, Teachers, Assets (Tables, Chairs, Lab equipment etc.) and Items sold in the canteens can be identified by Bar code readers. whichupdate School2010. Bar-code products/technology are well establ;ished and are reliable. Bar-codes stickers can be printed on any Windows printer. Student ID cards can also be printed and laminated. When students loose their Bar-coded ID cards, a replacement card can be printed within a minute and issued quickly. Damaged and lost ID-cards can be rendered void and cannot be used thereafter. Bar-codes can be used in the following

1 Identification of Book in Libraries
2 Identification if Students, Teachers and Staff using ID Cards
3 Automatic Attendance
4 Locating/Identifying/Monitoring Assets for valutaion and maintenance
6 Canteen2000 where items sold in the canteed are identified when purchased. Students/Teachers/Staff need not pay cash, as sales can be integrated to the appropriate ledger.
7 The disadvantage of Bar-coded ID cards is they can be misplaced are lost. Users may forget to bring them. In such situations user may register manually on a computer that is networked to School2010, and a replacement card printed in less than a minute.


Fingerprint identification

This is a technology that is getting popular and is being increasingly used in schools worldwide. In the UK, DfES have informed schools they can enroll student fingerprint without parent consent, Please click to link to the British Government (DfES) published in Public Sector, 7th September 2006 13:47 GMT for British schools.

The advantages of Fingerprint identification are obvious. There are no ID-cards to forget/lose. Proxy is impossible. Fingerprint identification can be integrated with access control so only authorised Students/Teachers/Staff can enter protected rooms/labs etc.

Many Fingerprints readers are not reliable. The model we supply is seriously tested and recommended by the University of Warwick, UK. Please bear in mind that Fingerprint technology does not work for children below the ages of about 8 as their fingerprints are not fully formed. Also about 3% of adults do not have a machine-readable fingerprint.

Those who cannot identified using Fingerprint readers register can be asked to enter their code on a numeric keypad.




Radio-Frequency Identification can be used to track people and assets. Bar-code and Fingerprint readers reads/identified one person at a time and take about 2 seconds for verification, which may cause queues. Queuing is somewhat solved with multiple readers, although it is not an elegant solutiob. Where there are large numbers of students (more than 500), we recommend RFID technology. The identification range is about 10 feet.

RFID Tags can be imbedded in ID-cards, Keys-fobs, School uniform/bags and Wrist bands for young children (See image) etc. A particular advantage is the RFID tags need not be presented (shown to a reader). They are read even if they are in the pockets/wallets. There are no queues and students/teachers can enter/leave the building in groups and in either directions. When used with assets (specially expensive items such as computers, laboratory equipment), alarms are raised automatically when tagged assets are taken out of their designated room without prior permission. RFID can also be used to track/locate students/teachers inside the school building.



Partners in further development

We welcome improvements and suggestions from Students, Parents, Teachers and Schools. Please Email suggestuons to [email protected] We offer rewards when we accept suggestions. We are also interested in work with partner schools, who are invited to with with further development of School2010. Click Partner Schools for further information

Encoders, Coordinators and Consultants

We invite Graduates, Parents,Teachers to become consultants to promote School2010. Opportunities are available part-time or full-time worldwide. Some schools require the services of encoder to enter Attendance, Homework etc initially (or permanently). Encoders must be good in computers and Microsoft office and normally work in 3 to 5 nearby schools. Encoders usually work an hour or so in each school and then go to the next school, and so on. Coordinators are usually graduates. They work in towns/cities, meet local headteachers of schools, show the Demo and coordinate trials. Coordinators also manage and work closely with Encoders assigned to them. One or more Consultants manage a country. School2000/UK are also interested in working with partners in various countries worldwide.

If you are interested in any of the above positions please send an Email to [email protected] (Dr. Ebby Sargunar) with your resume, a formal picture, a brief explanation of your experience/suitability on how you could contribute to this project and 3 references from prominent people who know you and have Emails.