Technical Support and Maintenance
  • School2010 is not like other applications, which are usually PC based and provides communication in one or two language. School2010 provides interface to Telephones, Internet, Email and Chat in English, local and foreign languages and interface to a number of high technology hardware devices/technologies, all working on in one computer, using one database. Technical support required is correspondingly higher.
  • Where technical support is compromised, it usually results in under-utilisation and could even lead to total-loss of School2010, which should be avoided.
  • School2000/UK essentially invests/pays for the School2010 as well as in the maintenance and upgrade so that schools don't have to pay anything. School2000/UK recover their investment from monthly parent subscription. It follows that technical support and maintenance is important so School2010 works reliably, and parents continue to subscribe. Only Engineers and Technical staff from the manufacturer of the product will have the resources and technology to assure this.
  • Using 'Remote access' British Engineers can access School2010 PC from anywhere in the world over the Internet. No delays or hassles relayed to travel.
  • British engineers can access the School2010 PC in the school, and fix any problems.
  • School2000/UK prefer to work with one designated person in the school
  • We will communicate over Messenger (Voice and Text), Telephones and Internet. You will see how this work when we install the Trial.
  • We prefer to work with one designated person in the school, who is good in Microsift office, Internet and Email. This person will provide local support to others in the school and will provide first-line support. He/she must also be familiar with procedures in the school and good in English. School2010 will provide the 2nd line support.
  • School2000/UK would invest a lot of time, resources and management skills which are needed to make School2010 work. School2000/UK need to be primarily responsible for the project. The cost of Technical Support and Maintenance is covered in parents subscription and we much make sure there are no technical or other problems.