Benefits to Teachers
  • Teachers benefit considerably from School2010.
  • Teachers only have to enter Attendance, Grades, Behaviour Notes and Assessment once.
  • Computerised system are more reliable than manual/human systems.
  • School2010 stores the details in the database and delivers management information to teachers and other authorised users.
  • Teacher's administrative workload reduces considerably. Teachers can focus on teaching, without being burdened with administrative work.
  • The Lesson-plan module helps each teacher to teach their lessons and ensure the outcome targets are achieved.
  • Teachers can record the lessons they teach, as a video, using a tablet or smart phone. Students can download E-Lessons over the Internet or borrow CDs from the library, in case they miss classes or if they don't understand what is taught in class.
  • Teachers have 24/7 access to their student's records, from anywhere. They can work at home and need not stay in the school after school hours.