RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Radio Frequency Identification is the latest technology
  • RFID Tags can be in the shape and form of ID Cards, Key fobs and Wrist bands (for very young children)
  • Active RFID Tags contain a miniature transmitter and a battery, and keep transmitting an identification code
  • Students, Teachers, Staff, Parents, Staff, Security men, Contractors and Visitors can be issued RFID Tags
  • RFID readers placed in various locations in the schools will identify Tag holders
  • The range of RFID tags we use is about 10 feet
  • We recommend RFID readers place in the building's/school's entrance

  • Identification
      • Unlike Fingerprint readers and Bar-code readers, RFID does not read Tag holders one at a time
      • Groups of Students/Teachers can enter/leave the building in either directors and in groups. No delays/bottlenecks
      • RFID Tag holders need not present (show) the RFID ID. It is read even if it in shirt/trousar pockets and schools bags
      • Digital cameras can take a picture of each Tag holder as they enter/leave
      • This is particularly useful in a fire as RFID systems can list Tag holders who are stuck/remain inside the building in case of a fire
      • RFID Tags can also be used to identify/protect assets, which cannot be removed from the building without setting off alarms

  • Cost
      • Schools could purchase RFID readers and Tags with maintenance
      • Schools could also allow increase in the subscription of School2010
      • To quote we need to know the number of Readers and Tags that schools would need

RFID Wrist bands for very young children

RFID ID card