Homework as Text

  • Homework can be entered as text by teachers in School2010.
  • Homework can be entered in advance.
  • Homework will be published at the appropriate date/time.
  • Students and Parents can access the homework when it is published.
  • The dates when Homework is published, due and submitted is displayed, along with grades/assessment.
  • When Homework is published, School2010 sends an Email to parents/students (as well as by Text, if required).
  • Parents can monitor and make sure their children do their homework properly and on time.

Homework as Voice

  • Most of the above applies.
  • Homework can also be recorded as a voice message.
  • The voice recording can be done on PCs with a mike and speakers.
  • Optionally voice messages can be recorded from Telephones and Cell Phones. In Manchester Messivta School (formerly Manchester Grammar School), teachers record home work on telephones. Students and Parents dial the school and listen to the homework recited by teachers. They can also listen to the recording of Homework when the voice-attachment is clicked.