Demo of School2010
  • Schools need not take any risks at any time
  • Schools can try the Demo of School2010 over the Internet in one class
  • In the Demo, only fictitious students are used
  • Attendance can be entered in 3 to 5 seconds per class
  • No training is required
  • Teachers/Staff can see how easy it is to learn and use School2010
  • The demo is completely without any cost or commitment
  • The Demo is seem on any Internet PC
  • We encourage Teachers/Staff to see/experience the Demo before they approach the school management for approval of a Trial

  • At present the Demo is manned by engineers in UK.
  • Staff/Teachers can access/see School2010 screens using 'Remote Access' over the Internet.
  • We are now in the process of installing a Demo on the Internet so that Schools/Teachers can access it independently, 24/7.
  • When it is installed (Scheduled for March 2011) there is no need to wait for engineers
  • All you need is the Usercode/Pincode which we would be happy to provide you

If Schools/Teachers like the Demo and wish to 'Trial' School2010 with their own Students, Teachers, Subjects and Timetable, please click Trial