• The attendance module of School2010 integrates to the Cover2010 module.
  • The attendance screen of each teacher display the students-list for each period for each school day.
  • Each Teacher must login using their authorised/unique Usercode and Pincode to access Attendance and other modules they manage.
  • Cover2010 allows Alternate/Temporary/Supply teachers to manage each Class/Period, if the main teacher for that Class/Period is not available for any reason.
  • The administrator assigns Cover teachers for each period, for each day. The selection is based on suitability of the cover teacher and if he/she is free for that period.
  • Teachers who provide cover will be sent a text message when the main teacher is absent, or not available.
  • Cover teachers may download the Lesson-Plan to determine what is to be taught and the outcome that is expected for each period.
  • Cover teachers may not be able to identify students in the class. School2010 can print a list of students with names and potograph on demand, as well as Lesson-plan, Attendance, Homework, Grades, Behaviour Notes and other information pertaining to students.