• Consultants focus on their Region, City or Town, where they have influence
  • Consultants are usually locally respected, presentable and knowledgeable in IT, schools and School2010
  • We expect consultant to have access to Internet PC and must be good in English and Foreign/Local languages
  • Often consultants work closely with Schools and Headmasters/Principals
  • Consultants in time become competent and familiar with School2010 and can manage schools independently
  • Initially School2000 will work with consultants as a team, exchanging marketing-reports daily
  • When consultants do well, we invite them to be partners, as we expand
  • Interested Schools and consultants are invited to apply with a resume, references, details of experience/achievements and a formal photograph


  • In some schools teachers and staff are too preoccupied to enter/encode Attendance, Homework, Grades. Payments, Circulars etc.
  • They don't have time to learn a new Product or Technology
  • We will train/provide encoders so they may provide encoding services, which may continue past the Trail if required