Schools interested in seeing School2010 work can see a Demo at any time.
The Demo of the Attendance module will explain the features and benefits of School2010.

  1. Internet Demo

    School2000/UK will show how Attendance is entered in School2010 over the Internet. Using 'Remote Access' British Engineers will allow you to see the screen of their PCs in the UK, where School2010 is installed. They will explain everything that is shown on their screen. They will enter Attendance as you watch. They will explain what they do by typing in Yahoo or the chat that is part of the demo. If speakers and a microphone is available to you, both of oyou can speak as though you are speaking over the Telephone, which is better/faster that typing. After you understand the School2010, you can try it yourself.

    Remote Control does not always work well and high speed Internet is required but it does show you how Attendance work if you are a little patient. Please remember time difference if you are in another country. Please fix a date and time when we can install and demonstrate the Attendance of School2010 in advance.

  2. Local Installation of the Demo

    If you are using a computer with XP or Windows 7 operating system, British Engineers can install the Demo on your computer, so that you can experiment with the Demo at any time. Fast Internet is required as we have to load the program, a manual and a document. If fast Internet is not available we may be able to ask one of our local coordinators/encoders to visit you, install and show how the Demo works, or train one of your Teachers/Staff to Install/Demonstrate the Scool2010 to you. This is a good idea as then you will also see how effectively we train and provide support.

  3. The purpose of the Demo

    3.1 The Demo is meant to show how easy it is to Instal, Remove and Re-install the Demo. Anyone who knows Microsoft Office can do it.
    3.2 Attendance is shown to be entered in 3 to 5 seconds per class, which is less than 5 min for 60 classes. Quite fast
    3.3 The Demo is meant to show schools and teachers how easy it is to Install/Use School2010.
    3.4 Most teachers learn to use it in less than 5 minutes.

  4. The Trial, after the Demo

    4.1 School2010 Demo works with sample Students, Teachers, Classes and Timetable.
    4.2 The next step is to consider a Trial where we install the real list of Students, Teachers and Timetable for one class, in your school.
    4.3 In the Trial, parents of students in the class can access their children's Attendance over the Internet.
    4.4 Parents are automatically alerted when their children are Late/Absent.
    4.5 The Trial will show parents the benefit of School2010.