• Alert2010 in an optional module that is extensively used specially in communication with parents, students and teachers.
  • School2010 can automatically send alerts when specific situation occurs.
    f or example
        • Alerts Parents when students are Late/Absent,
        • Alerts Parents and Students when Homework is Published/Due/Late,
        • Alerts Parents when Fees/Subscription/Payments are Due/Made,
        • Alters can be sent using data from any module of School2010.

  • Cost of Alerts
        • Alerts sent by Email are free.
        • The maximum number of letters/characters that can be sent by Text is 140.
        • School2000/UK can provide Text alerts from the UK, but International services are much more expensive than local services. It is much cheaper for schools to contact Local Text Alerting services. School2010 interface to it and send text message through them.

  • Each parent, student and teacher can turned ON or OFF any/all of the alerts on their setup page, over the Internet.